Skillpipe FAQ

New to Skillpipe – Get Started

Introduction to Skillpipe (Video)

New to Skillpipe?

If you are new to Skillpipe we highly recommend to watch the following 4:20 minute introduction video. It provides a first overview about the Skillpipe eReader and will teach you the basic navigation concepts and functionalities.

Video Contents:

  • Registering and accessing Skillpipe (0:12)
  • Redeeming new courses (0:25)
  • Accessing and working with your courses (0:58)
  • Create Highlights and Notes (2:03)
  • Create Print Outs (3:28)


For which systems is Skillpipe available?

Skillpipe is available for multiple systems. The easiest way is to use the Skillpipe Web App which can be accessed from any modern browser.

Skillpipe Web App
  • Access Skillpipe via
  • Please make sure your browser is updated to the latest version.
  • Supported browsers: Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari for MAC

Skillpipe Apps

If you are accessing Skillpipe with certain devices or only have a limited internet bandwidth, the Skillpipe apps are your best option. Our apps allow you to download the courses and access them while you are offline.

  • Please note that being offline prevents the system from synchronizing your notes, bookmarks and progress with your account.
  • For the best learning experience we encourage you to use Skillpipe while having an active internet connection.

For more details, please check our app page.

MOC On-Demand
  • Currently, MOC On-Demand courses are exclusively available through the Skillpipe Web App at
  • The Skillpipe apps for iOS, Android and Windows currently do not support MOC On-Demand and do not display the courses in the bookshelf. Mobile browsers on these platforms are not officially supported.


Skillpipe User Guides

Registration / Login / Reset Password


Before you can access your digital courseware, you first need to create a Skillpipe account. Please follow the steps below to complete your registration:

  1. Open the Main Menu and access the Registration page.
  2. Please fill in all required information, accept the legal terms and press the Register button.
  3. Return to the Login screen, enter your credentials and press the Sign In button.




If you already have a user account with Skillpipe, navigate to the Login screen, enter your credentials and press the Sign In button to access your bookshelf.

Reset Password

In case you have forgotten your password you can set a new one by following the steps below:

  1. Open the Main Menu and Access the Reset Password Page.
  2. Enter the e-mail address you are registered with and press the Reset Password button.
  3. Check your inbox and click on the Set New Password button in the email.
  4. Enter your new password and press the Save button.



Add new courses to your bookshelf

As soon as you have received a license key for your course, you can redeem it and add it to your bookshelf. Whether you have to redeem your first course or want to add additional books, the process will always be the same.

  1. Open Main Menu and select Add Course.
  2. Enter the license key and press Validate Code.
  3. Agree to the End-user License Agreement and press Redeem License Key button.
  4. Click on Done to return to your bookshelf where the course should now be visible.


Organize your bookshelf

Create / Edit / Remove Course Categories

By default all courses you have redeemed, will be listed in your bookshelf in the Unassigned Courses category. If you have many courses, we recommend to assign your courses into categories which you can setup and define as you like.

  1. Create a new course category
    • Open Category Menu and click on Add category.
    • Enter title and confirm the creation by pressing the Checkmark icon.
  2. Edit an existing categories
    • Open Category Menu and click on the Edit icon.
    • Edit the category title directly in the textbox and confirm you action by pressing the Checkmark icon.
  3. Delete an existing category
    • Open Category Menu and click on the Trash Can icon.
    • Confirm your action by pressing the Checkmark icon.
    • Note: all courses which were assigned to the deleted category will be shifted back into the Unassigned Courses category.


Move Courses to Categories

Once you have created your course categories, you need to add courses to them. You need to hover with your mouse over the respective category to display the controls for adding or removing courses.

  1. Click on the + icon next to the select category.
  2. Select all courses which you wish to add to the category by clicking on their cover.
  3. When you are done click on the Move button.
  4. Select All Courses in the category menu to see the full bookshelf again.


Remove Courses from Categories

Removing courses puts them back into the Unassigned Courses category. You need to hover with your mouse over the respective category to display the controls for adding or removing courses.

  1. Click on the icon next to the select category.
  2. Select all courses which you wish to remove from the category by clicking on their cover.
  3. When you are done, click on the Remove button.
  4. Select All Courses in the category menu to see the full bookshelf again.


How can I quickly find the course I have last accessed?

Skillpipe provides two ways of finding the course you have last accessed.

  • Access the last read course via the Main Menu
    • Open the main menu and click on Current Course .
    • The course you have last accessed will open and you will resume at the position where you last left the course.



  • Currently Reading Flag
    • There is also a flag Currently Reading on the course you have last accessed.
    • Clicking on the course cover will open the course you have last accessed and you will resume at the position where you last left the course.


List and Cover View

Skillpipe provides two views for your bookshelf:

  1. The Cover View
  2. The List View

If you are having trouble reading the course title, please switch to the list view which displays all course details besides the cover artwork. To switch the view, please click on the view icon at the bottom left of your bookshelf.



Navigate your course

If you simply want to read your course from start to finish, there is nothing much to tell. Simply open the course, scroll through the contents and switch modules by using the controls at the bottom of the text.

Jumping to a specific position

If you quickly want to access a specific section inside your course you have multiple options to get there:

  1. Table of contents
    • Clicking on the module title will navigate you to the beginning of the module.
    • Clicking on any sub-chapter will navigate you to the section inside the module.
    • Enter a bookmark title and press the add button to create a bookmark.
    • Clicking on the bookmark will bring you to the position inside the module where you created the bookmark.
  3. Position IDs
    • Enter the chapter and position you want to go to.
    • Press the “Go” button and you will navigate directly to the desired position.


Change your display settings

You can customize the text display, to your personal preferences by changing the font size, the font type or the text margins. All settings will automatically be stored with your profile.


Adjust your video settings

Videos for MOC On-Demand courses are available in multiple resolutions (180p, 270p, 360p, 540p, 720p, 1080p). By default, the video player is set to “auto” which means that the video quality will be automatically adjusted based on your available bandwidth.

Recommended video resolution settings:

  • If you are not experiencing any problems with the default setting, we recommend leaving the video settings to “auto”.
  • If you are experiencing a continuous up- and downgrade of the video quality, you can manually set a fixed resolution (for example 540p) to have a consistent video quality.
  • If you are experiencing extended pre-buffering or video stutters, please consequently lower the resolution gradually until you have a smooth video delivery.

Create highlights and notes

Creating Highlights and Notes

You have the option to create a highlight or a note for a text passage, just like you would in a physical textbook. Please refer to the sections below to learn more about text highlights and notes.

Create Highlights:

  1. Mark a text passage and choose Highlight from the popup menu.
  2. The text passaged is highlighted in yellow.

Create Notes:

  1. Mark a text passage and choose Note from the popup menu.
  2. Enter a note text with up to 1.000 characters.
  3. Chose a privacy setting for your note.
    • Private: the note is only visible to you
    • Public: the note will be shared with all students of your training center
  4. Click Save to create your note.
    • The text passage is highlighted in yellow with dotted lines.
    • A new entry in your notes list is created.


Edit Highlights and Notes
  1. Click on the Highlight or Note you wish to edit.
  2. Change the text or privacy settings and press Save.


Delete Highlights and Notes

To delete a highlight or a note you have two possible options.

  1. Delete it from the notes panel
    • Open the notes panel and hover over the entry you wish to delete.
    • Click on the Trash Can icon besides the entry to delete it.
  2. Delete if from the text
    • Navigate to the highlight or note you wish to delete.
    • Click on it to open the notes popup.
    • Click on the Trash Can icon to delete it.


Review trainer and other public notes

Skillpipe provides trainers and students with the option to create public notes which they can share with all their training center’s students. You can review these additional insights to the course contents and enrich your learning experience.

Make public notes visible
  1. Open the Notes panel.
  2. Tick the checkboxes for Trainer and/ or Other notes.
  3. The notes will become visible in your notes panel.
    • Yellow: your own notes
    • Green: trainer notes
    • Blue: other (student) notes
  4. Public notes are also displayed as colored markers right beside the text.
    • The number indicates the number of public notes at this position
    • Green markers: contain at least one trainer note.
    • Blue markers: contain notes from other students.
  5. A click on the marker opens the Notes panel only showing the notes at this position.


Create course printouts

You can print a chapter of the course you are currently reading. Please follow the steps below to print the current chapter:

  1. Navigate to the chapter which you want to print.
  2. Open the Print panel and choose which notes shall be included in the print out.
  3. Click the Print button.
  4. The printer menu popup appears and you can make final adjustments to your print settings.

Print Restrictions:

  • Each chapter needs to be printed separately.
  • Your print copy will contain a watermark including your name.
  • Be aware that copies are only authorized for personal use. Unauthorized copying and distribution of Courseware content is prohibited.

Skillpipe Apps

I can access Skillpipe online. Why should I use the apps?

If you are happy with the user experience on there is no need for you to use our apps. You get the most of our apps if you:

  • Want to access the content offline
    • The apps allow you to download the course files and access them while being offline.
    • The progress, notes and bookmarks will be synchronized once you go online again.
  • Access Skillpipe via tablets or mobile device
    • Mobile devices and tablets sometimes use special operation systems which have trouble providing a good learning experience in the browser.
    • Our apps are optimized for the use on these devices and provide optimized touch controls.

I have reached my activation limit. What can I do?

Up to 3 devices can be activated with your Skillpipe account at the same time. If you have reached the maximum number of authorizations, you need to de-activate a device before you can continue with the new one.

  1. A list with your authorized devices appears.
  2. Select a device from the list you wish to remove/ swap with your current device.
  3. Press the Activate Device button.

The Windows Vista & 7 Skillpipe app asks for a .bdb2 file. Where can I get it?

If you are using the Windows Vista & 7 reader app you need to download the course file before you can view it in the reader. To download the .bdb2 file, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to
  2. Open the course for which you wish to download the .bdb2 file
  3. Navigate to the Additional Files section
  4. The first file in the list is the file you are looking for
    • The file name is equal to the course name

Will the Windows Vista & 7 app receive any updates?

No, the Windows Vista and 7 app is considered a legacy app and will not receive any further updates. For the time being we will keep it operational but will eventually shut it down at some point. For the best learning experience, we highly recommend accessing Skillpipe via or using any of the more recent apps.


Can I access the site with my smartphone or tablet?

The new Skillpipe web app supports responsive design and theoretically should work okay when accessing it via smartphone or tablet. Nevertheless, we do not officially support this. There are simply to many different browser versions and operating systems available for these devices to guarantee flawless operations.

For the best possible experience check if there is a Skillpipe app available for your device.

Known Issues

Video Streaming

Videos for MOC On-Demand courses are available in multiple resolutions (180p, 270p, 360p, 540p, 720p, 1080p). For more details, please go to “Skillpipe User Guide / Adjust your video settings”. Known issues:

  • The change in video resolution is not immediate. Depending on how much of the video has already pre-buffered by the player, it might take between 5-30 seconds before the resolution update becomes visible.
  • The IE11 uses the Adobe Flash player to enable adaptive video streaming. Adobe Flash does not support Video Speed Adjustments.
  • Changing the video resolution under Windows 10 environment using IE11 or Microsoft Edge can cause video artifacts when the player changes the video resolution.
    • The effect should only appear for a short moment and will disappear once the player update the display to the selected resolution.
    • If this effect appears frequently, please manually select a resolution before proceeding.
  • In very rare instances:
    • The IE11 under Windows 10, sometimes has trouble in automatically adjusting the video quality and is not progressing with the video display. In that case, please reload the page and try selecting a manual resolution before proceeding.
    • The IE11 and Microsoft Edge under Windows 10 do not display the resolution picker. In these cases the video stream will automatically default back to “auto” setting.

Problems to login again after session expires or was ended in IE11

  • In rare instances, we have seen reports of people using IE11 who had problems logging into Skillpipe again after their sessions expired or they logged out manually.
  • Please close your browser, restart it and access again.
  • If this does not help, please delete your browser cache by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Del and following the instructions on screen.

Rare service timeouts and connection errors

  • In very rare occasions some server requests time out and display a services not available or database connection error message.
  • Simply pressing F5 or manually reloading the page, should solve the problem.

When I click on the download link in my Skillpipe legacy reader the app crashes


When I click on the download link in my Skillpipe legacy reader the app crashes.

  1. Log in to the Skillpipe web app in your browser
  2. Access the course you want to download
  3. Go to Additional Files and click on the File Name to download the course
  4. Open the download and log in to the Skillpipe legacy reader


Management Dashboard – License Distribution

Introduction to the Management Dashboard (Video)

New to the Management Dashboard?

If you are new to the Management Dashboard we highly recommend to watch the following 8:12 minute introduction video. It provides a good overview about the Management Dashboard and explains its basic navigation concepts and functionalities.

Video Contents:

  • How to access the Management Dashboard (00:30)
  • How to Distribute Licenses to your students (03:49)
  • How licenses for bundles are managed (05:58)
  • How to manage trainers associated with your organization (06:51)